It’s good to ask questions

It's good to ask questions


We reflect or think of something that’s here now or was;
We cannot conceive of something that’s nonexistent or is naught.

When we imagine we are flying, this gives us freedom in our mind,
But real flying means air diving without restrictions of any kind.

When we design things, we’re using constituents present or devised;
We cannot construct or build things with no components or no sites.

We are building but also killing the things around and in us,
And if they’re bad, we are glorying, but if they’re good, we feel deprived.

We can do things within limits and choice to do the right or wrong,
And this should make us ask questions of how this happened or came along.

How did such a complex being as me or you appear to be?
And what is it that makes seeds grow as men or women, dogs or trees?

What is right and is it only what I consider is the case
Or is it something that makes me guilty of not wanting to wash my face?

Why can’t we reverse the order of birth and death or down and up,
And will we profit if we do it or will we cause a blowup?

It’s good to ask questions and know the cause of things and what they do
For this will help us fix the problems or find a broader avenue.

Those who ask will get an answer and have knowledge as their friend.
Those who know all the answers will always miss its helping hand.