Always there


The Sun is there for all to see God’s love and care for living things.
It goes up and the Earth is awake to start a day of labor and make.
It hides at night and darkness sets to show how hard is light to get.
Life’s nice and easy in the summer phase and cold and wheezy in the winter phrase.
But no matter the phase or phrase, the Sun’s always there with a smiling face.
It never gets angry; it always shines with the same grand power of God’s design.
The Earth sometimes frowns with rage reflecting the light and hiding the rays
Or howls with storms and hurricanes rejecting the warmth and killing the men,
But the Sun stays there with no haste gracefully waiting for a better chance
As the rain falls down to water the land and clear the way for a new life raise.
Has it not been for this steadfast gaze, how would we get rid of faze
And enjoy again an existence based on regular care and no change?